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Vision Day 2023
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Broadway Tower

Didn’t we have a lovely time the day we went to Broadway A beautiful day, 
we had lunch on the way, and all for just a fiver 

The sheep made a loud noise at the girls and the boys 
We climbed over stiles and walked for miles 
‘Are we nearly there yet?’ they cried 
‘How much further to go?’ 
‘My ruck sack is so heavy on my back!’ 

Do you recall the thrill of arriving at the top of the hill? 
Desperate to sit down, we looked all around 
As far as Wales we could see, the adults felt better after their cup of tea! 

Then we saw it, the round tower stretching into the clouds 
The winding staircase took us out to the top 
The sun shone and the wind blew 
And that’s when we knew 
This is the best vision day out ever!
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