Vision Day 2024

Walk at Clent Hills

For Vision Day we enjoyed at walk at Clent Hills. We walked to the top of the hills to admire the view and were able to use the topograph to work out which places we were looking at. When we reached the standing stones at the top, we had a go at flying kites. First of all, we had to put the kites together. Once they were made, we tried to fly them – this was quite a challenge! We had to really persevere and wait for the wind to be able to fly them. We explored more of the hills and saw lots of people enjoying a walk or walking their dogs. After a picnic lunch, we went into the woods down a really big hill. When we reached a clearing, we played hide and seek which was great fun. Unfortunately, we had to climb back up the really big hill when it was time to go – it was hard work, we definitely earned our snack and drink! Our final walk took us back down the hill to the waiting coach – we were exhausted but had enjoyed our time in this wonderful place.

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