Vision Day 2024

How to draw anything

Vision Day was a super calm and creative day for all children! They were so engaged and eager to learn new drawing and painting skills that all children managed to create some awesome pieces of artwork. We started the day with some simple pencil sketches of penguins, then cartoon volcanoes and adding colour with felt tips. We moved on to using water colour paints for sunsets then adding dark oil pastels for tree silhouettes. The children learnt how to use oil pastels to blend colours and build patterns on top of layers of pastel to create stunning effects. The technique of feathering was practised to add texture for leaves in their abstract rainforest scenes. Children had time to explore creating illusions on paper and trial their new skills with all the resources to make their own magical masterpieces. At the end of the day we used an advanced online tutorial to bring to life ice dragons. The children rose to the challenge and worked really hard to follow the lines, shapes and colours to make some amazing artwork!

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