Vision Day 2024

Animal Man

We had an amazing time on Vision Day. We saw so many different animals that we hadn't seen before. We were able to hold a snake around our shoulders, Chris the Animal Man told us that it would eventually grow to 6 ft long. We also met an owl, some hissing cockroaches, a gecko and a bearded dragon. One of our favourites was the skunk, luckily it was happy and didn’t spray its scent. A new animal that no-one has seen before was a tenrek. These are native to madagascar and it looks like a tiny hedgehog but is actually part of the elephant family!!

We had a lovely time making animal crafts including a photo frame, headbands, lion paintings and paper chain snakes. We learnt a lot from the Cats Protection Charity visit. We heard a story about adopting a cat and we learnt what a cat needs to be healthy and happy.

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