Vision Day 2024

Elmer Day

Elmer Day is a chance to celebrate the importance of friendship, kindness and inclusivity, themes that run through all 30 of the Elmer picture books created by David McKee. So, we began our day becoming acquainted with each other by playing “target trunk”.

Making rainbow trunks was instant and popular whilst the sun catching Elmer’s helped us keep calm and focused.


Weaving turtles proved much easier than sewing the money boxes but the camaraderie of the day oozed through to ensure success in both achievements and enjoyment that we all shared.

Did you know…There’s an easy way to tell the African elephants apart from their Asian cousins – their ears!

African elephants have large ears shaped like the continent of Africa! Asian elephants’ ears are smaller and shaped like India. Cool, huh?

Just one of the facts we learnt at World Elmer Day.

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