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Vision Day 2023
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3D Art Modroc photos

It all began with an inspirational WAGOLL, 44 enthusiastic children and a newspaper. With imaginations ignited and creative juices flowing the buzz around the room created a unique camaraderie that was contagious. Children from all ages 5 years through to 11 respectfully shared ideas, thoughts and resources to begin the mammoth task of creating their personal sculptures. Time seemed insignificant, we worked through our breaks, forgot to eat lunch and laughed with sheer delight when the small gloves didn’t fit our larger hands.

The laughs we shared, and the messy Modroc simply added to our seemingly endless hours of fun. The greatest critics of all we offer are the children themselves and our day was summed up when a member of staff overheard a conversation between two of the oldest children “I thought today was going to be boring - I could not have been more wrong! It has been brilliant!” Year 6 child “And you made a good dog too!” the other replied.
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