At Wheelers Lane, we believe learning a foreign language fosters children’s curiosity and broadens their perspective of the world they live in. It allows children to develop a deepened respect for their own culture and for those of others around the world. We focus on teaching Spanish, with an aim to provide the foundation for learning further languages at a later stage and equipping children to play a valuable part in our growing global society.
The varied learning styles we adopt will enable children to express their ideas and thoughts confidently in another language. Through our weekly teaching, children will develop their understanding of Spanish phrases and will have the opportunity to respond, both in speech and/or writing.
At Wheelers Lane we teach Spanish, as a discrete subject, in Key Stage 2. 

● In Years 3 - 6 Spanish will be taught for 30 minutes per week. 
●Detailed lesson structure is provided through the ilanguages scheme of work and ensures progression of language skills. 
●Each classroom will have an appropriate selection of Spanish phrases/vocabulary displayed to reinforce vocabulary being covered. 
●Written work will be recorded in work books which are linked to ilanguages lesson plans and big books will showcase any whole class recording. 
●Children will have the opportunity to engage in a variety of Spanish traditions and cultural experiences during their time in Key Stage 2.

Teachers will teach from the ilanguages scheme of work and children will use the accompanying work books for written recording. Teachers will use the skills progression map to ensure that necessary skills are being taught and will assess children against these skills at the end of each year. As the planning is progressive year on year, teachers will ensure coverage has been relayed to the next year group teacher. The point in the curriculum a year group begins will be adapted based on the coverage from the previous year.

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