At Wheelers lane Primary School we value enjoyment and creativity, and nurture artistic talent. We provide a fun, engaging, and inspirational Art curriculum. It provides children with relaxing opportunities to express themselves, and a creative outlet and release for thoughts and feelings. Art encourages a sense of happiness, satisfaction, and wellbeing. Lessons allow children to explore, build on, and record their own creative and imaginative ideas.
Children progress using a range of media and techniques such as drawing, painting, clay, and printmaking throughout the school. They gain an understanding of the visual elements of art such as line, tone, texture, colour, pattern, shape, and form. It encourages and enhances observational skills, stimulating curiosity and engagement, and deepens exploration and knowledge of their surroundings. Children investigate, reflect, and solve problems through art.

Children are inspired by famous and historical artists. Exploration and discussion of this work develops understanding of different styles of art, and promotes knowledge of their own culture and others. This provides stimulus for children’s own work and encourages them to see the beauty in the world around them. It inspires them to create art that they are proud of and nourishes feelings of achievement. It supports aspirations to be great artists now and in the future, and to pursue artistic careers.

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